WinseQure provides RDP, RDP WEB, IIS & PowerShell access protection and integration with RADIUS & REST API

Today, the business landscape is evolving rapidly and mobility has increasingly become a necessity as more companies allow employees to work remotely and to use personal devices to access the computing environment. This trend has enhanced productivity as more employees enjoy the autonomy to execute their job functions from different locations.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services have become popular in providing users with remote access to corporate Windows servers, data and applications from different devices. Normally, users provide credentials using the Remote Desktop Client from their devices to gain access to the company resource. This approach has been the ideal solution for deploying Windows powered services and datacenters. However, Microsoft RDS does not offer enough protection for corporate assets and user credentials.

WinseQure offers an MFA capability for protecting Windows access via RDP, RDP Web, IIS, and PowerShell. Moreover, WinseQure effortlessly integrates with other apps through standards-based protocols such as RADIUS and REST API, and enforces MFA capabilities across the apps. The solution adds a crucial layer of security to sign-ins to help safeguard access to critical company resources while meeting user’s requirement for easy sign-in process. WinseQure delivers strong authentication for diverse verification methods. Using this solution for authentication eliminates the worry associated with stolen or shared passwords. Moreover, the solution helps meet compliance requirements and improves authentication management. Users can follow simple steps for initial enrollment to the service. WinseQure also enables management of authentication logs that features information such as login attempts. The solution generates user reports necessary for system audits.