PasswordseQure provides HPAM password protection and secure password rotation strategies to secure IT systems

High privileged accounts are essential in the normal operations and support of all business processes and they are often targeted by cyber attackers. In some cases, there is a business requirement to share these highly sensitive accounts among different users which represents a security risk for your organization. Furthermore, normal password rotation strategies hardly apply to these accounts leaving them vulnerable to brute force attacks.

A solution that provides high privilege access management (HPAM) password and account strategy policy management is vital in businesses. Preferably, it should enable automated protection of super user and high privilege accounts that can access sensitive information and critical systems. That way, a company can effectively prevent against password sharing and brute force attacks. That’s the amazing work of PasswordseQure that enforces best practices for generating, rotating, and securing passwords while eliminating manual password management practices. With PasswordseQure, organizations are assured that their privileged credentials are regularly rotated at intervals set in the policy. The schedule can be influenced by the criticity of the accesses that is provided through the account. PasswordseQure effectively prevents negative impacts resulting from malicious behavior from both internal and external threats. Besides, in case of a cyberattack, the solution can be used to audit privileged accounts to examine is any passwords have been modified and to determine the assets accessed, and can also be used to quickly reset affected passwords.

PasswordseQure can be deployed in SAAS or on premise and integrates with your asset inventory and corporate identity provider. The solution helps enforce enterprise-wide policy and manages the entire lifecycle of shared and privileged accounts in an organization. Instead of only reducing the risk of an attack, PasswordseQure offers an additional value to a business since it enhances employee productivity by enabling quick and secure access to systems and services such as Azure. The automation in password creation process also simplifies the process and reduces fatigue.

Another importance of PasswordseQure is enhancing compliance efforts. Several regulations and frameworks, such as PCI, ISO 27002, and the NIST framework give strong security recommendations targeting access control. To be complaint, organizations are required to implement strong policies for privileged accounts, procedures to create or revoke privileged accounts, processes of monitoring usage, ensuring secure logons, modifying providers’ default passwords, and auditing usage of privileged accounts.