With the current digital transformation organizations are facing with the emergence of the cloud, it is crystal clear that soon every digital process will have a cloud-based component. Users are moving from on-site infrastructures and data centers to the cloud at a rapid rate, a factor which has been attributed to the numerous cloud benefits. Despite the advantages, the trending technology is riddled with multiple cybersecurity challenges that require clients to beef up their security processes if they hope to have a chance against the numerous cyber threats. These include insufficient access management controls, where any legitimate user infected with a trojan gives unconsciously full access to your sensitive information. This is a key example of what EZ-TFA provides to prevent unauthorized access.

Another example is the new challenges that come with the cloudification of assets. Knowing where the cloud assets are located, the corporate information they process and store, and the most suitable cyber security controls to deploy targeted without increasing the operational burden and over extending the cyber budget is a key success factor. Securing complex environment comprised of multiple environments such as Windows and Linux operating systems, in different clouds such as Google, Azure and AWS requires new cyber security strategies. This is due to the different sets of cyber threats and challenges that impact each operating system, thus necessitating the need for different controls. EZ-TFA understands those threats and provides cyber security solutions that help you protect your critical assets and information, on site or in the cloud.