Our Solutions


  • Go from a detective security model to a predictive security model
  • Increase your control and visibility on your deployed assets
  • High privilege access protection through flexible authentication strategies tailored to meet your specific business needs.
  • Enhanced and easy to deploy security solutions that reduce your technological debt and operational costs.

For All Platforms

EZ-TFA acts as a central management point  that integrates with your current business security practices and strategies securing your infrastructure  (Firewalls, Proxies, VPN, etc.) and, thanks to a REST-API, can facilitate integration with non standard systems.

The WordPress EZ-TFA  plugin is another example of the remote governance value proposition giving you peace of mind while allowing for deployment flexibility often referred as “shoawo IT”.

It removes limitations based on the physical location of the website and standardizes your company’s remote access security strategy.

EZ-TFA offers you the flexibility you need and helps your company become more agile in its security services. Security is no longer perceived as a road block to innovative projects and removes any limitations  on  your new opportunities and innovations.

With EZ-TFA, you get a reliable, scalable, profitable solution supported by a strong community. EZ-TFA can be used with any platform: Citrix Netscalers, Vmware VmView, Proxy Bluecoat, AWS, Azure, Google cloud.