OSseQure protects you at the operating systems level.


Do your business units have different authentication strategies? Teams want to have their own management context?


OSseQure comes in “multi-tenant” mode, which eliminates barriers for your business units and gives them the management freedom they need.

Server Protection

Consolidate the protection and management of your servers in a unified way for both Linux and Windows servers in your cloud and local data centers.


Integrate your Linux servers into your LDAP environment and multi-factor strategy with just a few clicks.


Submit your special requests or problems and our automated process will automatically generate updates when they are ready.


You will find the latest versions and patches of all your solutions in our catalogue on your OSseQure customer portal.

Users Source

Configure the main password source globally or by application!


OSseQure provides flexibility and adapts to your business processes and needs.

Requesting New Features

Can’t find the functionality that meets your needs? You find a bug? We are at your disposal!


OSseQure allows you to report problems or suggestions for new features and track the status of your request!

The architecture developed by EZ-TFA allows:

  • A robust service level and high availability (99.99%)
  • Easy and fast integration into existing infrastructures, whatever they may be
  • Management flexibility for technical administrators
  • Security strategies for BYOD/li>
  • Access governance for all corporate applications, regardless of their physical location
  • A rapid adoption rate for employees, customers and suppliers
  • A fast return on investment
  • The elimination of technological debt through the support of old technologies

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The main engine of EZ-TFA has been used for years by many Fortune 500 companies, give it a try!

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