Access policy governance platform that enables enforcement of remote access authentication strategies based on business requirements.

AuthseQure comes in multi-tenant or single platform and provides numerous MFA granular configuration options.
The main key advantage of AuthseQure its flexibility and time to market requiring a 0 footprint in your environment. You can deploy it in less than 1 day and instantly secure your remote access processes

AuthseQure enables strong and adaptive authentication in a holistic manner across complex, dynamic environments, adapting to existing and emerging remote access use cases. The solution makes it possible to consolidate all authentication management, policies across numerous legacy and new environments, offering reduced costs and unified security. AuthseQure is at the core of all Ez-TFA’s cyber security suite ensuring a consistent alignment in the governance, the strategy and the protection of your assets.

Its key features are multitenancy that allows complete administration segregation and flexibility. AuthseQure enables centralized policy management that can be applied globally or to specific applications through a single point of management. Multi-IDP Define Global or IP based IDP, Define Database, LDAP and API for first factor validation, define second factor policies based on user membership groups. AuthseQure Applies risk-based policies in real time and perform risk mitigation actions such as block or alert. It also offers predictive security by correlating remote access requests with possible dark web for compromising indicators. Users can define policies based on RBAC permissions for a specific system

AuthseQure allows decentralized attributes. You can retrieve attributes for second factor from any sources in real time relieving the burden of implementing an yet an additional process for attribute centralization and management. It also allows virtual web site policies. Apply policies based on portals hidden behind an application proxy that are using a single IP.

AuthseQure is more than a technology, it’s a remote access governance as a service. It provides a long-term strategy for remote access protection and adapts to all the business processes, taking your enterprise complexity into a simple configuration. The product quickly integrates with the other EZ-TFA modules to provide web SSO capabilities like AppseQure for SAML and OPENID authentication.

The architecture developed by EZ-TFA allows:

  • A robust service level and high availability (99.99%)
  • Easy and fast integration into existing infrastructures, whatever they may be
  • Management flexibility for technical administrators
  • Access governance for all corporate applications, regardless of their physical location
  • A rapid adoption rate for employees, customers and suppliers
  • A fast return on investment
  • The elimination of technological debt through the support of old technologies AuthseQure is an ideal solution for enforcing precise controls and policies needed by an organization to define rules on access to applications.

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