EZ-TFA is a Montreal-based cybersecurity company that provides a wide range of solutions focused on bringing true value to organizations and their cyber-security strategy. EZ-TFA’s added value and efficiency resides in its ability to understand the challenges faced by organizations in their digital transformation journey and increase their protection capabilities to secure the access to their sensitive and highly critical data residing both in cloud or physical data centers.

Ez-TFA`s business model is driven by constantly finding innovative ways to help businesses achieve their business objectives and through long lasting partnership where success is only measured by the joined capacity to bring down cyber-security challenges.

EZ-TFA enables the enforcement of remote access governance strategies making them a service rather than a technology. Its application suite provides time to market value with a zero footprint on the current business processes. Solutions ranging from multi-factor authentication, password and high privilege access management as well as predictive security are giving organizations the adequate tools to take on continuous evolving threats to their mission.

It offers a large scale of flexibility and adaptability to fit complex organization cultures and diverse business needs.

Ez-TFA comes in a SaaS mode or an on-premise mode and in both case can be up and running within hrs. It stands as a disruptive and innovative market player with a higher level of efficiency and flexibility with a smaller footprint than its competitors.


When your business units want different level of security tailored to their own strategies, how to protect your sensitive and critical assets without i reducing your efficiency?

The main challenge is the complexity of legacy environments now mixed with the digital transformation that are companies must faced to be able to make the transition to the digital era. This transformation adds an additional burden on the cyber security strategy which often results in  access duplication and loss of visibility and control over the organization’s assets stored in the Cloud.


A three-level architecture:

1A central policy management engine for all use cases and deployed solutions offering a coherent remote access governance policy enforcement point.

2The application layer consolidates and fully integrates cloud based and corporate websites to the corporate identity and access management though SAML and OPENID standards.

3A layer of protection for all operating systems types that support your critical business application and infrastructure.

4A layer to protect your perimeter’s access against external attacks.
We’ve designed, architectured and built a robust portfolio of applications a complete multi-layered protection. Each of these levels is secure and has the capacity to support an unlimited load of customers and employees.



Our vision is to constantly improve the improve or value offering in terms of cybersecurity. Our success is measured by the ease of implementation and use of EZ-TFA for your IT service needs and, most importantly, for the various projects that are essential to your business..

The main engine of EZ-TFA has been used for years by many Fortune 500 companies, why not by you?

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